Orlando Villella is the founder and owner of Ibiza Miami Radio LLC and Just Daddy LLC. He is a skilled and talented model, producer, artist, and DJ who always seeks opportunities to expand his brand. His vision is to bring together the best, most passionate and creative artists, DJs, photographers, videographers and other industry trailblazers. His energetic, fast paced, highly dedicated team works diligently in the areas of music, production and fashion creating successful events and products.
Born in Italy, Orlando discovered House music after he snuck out of the house one late night as a preteen. He followed his older brother to a party. When they arrived he heard the hypnotic deep bass coming from the speakers. His life was changed forever by that sound. “Ibiza Miami Radio continues to push the boundaries of deep house and progressive house music globally with some of the best DJS,” Orlando states, “We are located in South Florida. Ibiza Miami Radio is in the perfect location for finding great, innovative artists.”
Orlando Villella’s international travel and experience as a model and actor has led him to start his own clothing and accessories line for the sexy, adventurous trendsetters. He has appeared in issues of Ocean Drive Magazine to red carpet events in New York with Mr. Donald Trump himself. Orlando wants to continue breaking the mold in music and fashion. His next stop is Ibiza, Spain, where he plans to inject the house scene with his passion for music and life.
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