WMC 2016 Coverage Review!

Miami Beach’s population explodes in March 2016 as the 31st annual Winter Music Conference (WMC) proves its worth to the global electronic and dance music world. Ibiza Miami Radio broadcasts the continuation of an important tradition in Miami’s March Music Month 2016.

As we followed along the scheduled performance sets, conference workshops, panels, seminars, and exhibits, we observed and took note of the presented newest technologies, sounds, industries and more. Beautifully set up in Miami’s Shelborne Wyndham Grand, the 10 non-stop days and nights, and two weekends full of events and pool parties, included knowledge packed panels, seminars, featured Q & A’s, trade shows & exhibits.

Along the discussions we participated in some of the most interesting had to be the panels that explored topics like sales, artist royalties, endorsements, publishing royalties, public performance royalties, streaming royalties (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.), touring, merchandising, production music formats and more.

Our International Listeners enjoyed new music trends and opened their minds to advancing their own local music culture with all that this side of the world has to offer. We also had an amazing time broadcasting the IDMA’s (International Dance Music Awards). Our Listeners heard all the who and what won the best for 2016! Some of our favorite categories incudes, The Best Underground Dance Track, The Best Electro House Track, The Best Global Dj, The Best North American Dj, The Best European Dj, Best Podcast, The Best Music Video, The Best Producer, The Best U.S. Club, The Best Music Event, The Best New Product of the Year, The Best Dj Software, The Best Mixer/Controller, and Best Headphones. All of which where nominated and voted on by over 2 million music lovers! We find that this kind of information is vital to all Dj’s and Producers in preparation for the following year.

As we gear up for 2017 we come with more footage more camera gear and crew and expect longer work hours in order to grab all the action and prepare it for your listening pleasures!


Get Ready Electronic Music World! Miami is waiting for you this March with WMC!

See you There!

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